Gypsy Caravan #1 by DC

This started as a kit from McQueenie Miniatures in the United Kingdom.  We'll be adding photos of completed caravans by our customers!

This caravan's owner "started" the whole Gypsy Caravan idea by convincing us that "we" needed to order several of these kits and put together informal work days at the shop.   Over about a 10-month period, between work at the shop and homework, the caravans evolved.  Most are on elaborately landscaped bases, many with Gypsy dolls created in a class taught by Jan Smith at Miniature Designs.  

Many of the wagons and bases include 12 volt lighting - often with flickering lights for realism (flickering unit by Novalyte).  Upon the urging of the caravan groupies, one of our vendors, Jack Kosinski of Laser Creations laser cut openings in the mollycrofts (that's the raised area on the roof) so that stained glass panels could be installed, so that the interior of the caravan would be somewhat visible even when the roof was attached!  

This group of caravaners pushed eachother to find more ways to upgrade the basic kit.  Job well done by all!

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