Alice's Palace

Starting with "The Palace" by Majestic Mansions, this one-of-a-kind palace is home to Alice in Wonderland.  All lighting is indirect, using 72 Novalyte "can" lighting.  The size of the palace lends well to the oversized figures that were integral to our customer's plan.  Rooms in the palace include the "Flamingo" nursery, "Through the Looking Glass" parlour, "Mother Goose" nursery, a blue and white tea room, "The Tweedle Twins" nursery (blue), and more.  Note the "Gadsby" car in front of the palace! 

Artisans represented include (and my apologies for all that are not directly mentioned):  Bespaq, Jeanetta Kendall, Taller Targioni, Lorraine Scuderi, Barbara Sabia, Sylvia Rountree, Natasha, Rachel Bonney (dolls), Marie Evans (dolls) Carol Sherry Miniatures, Cheri De Bruccio, 

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