Zadar Studios Figurines

Discover the amazing fine art bronze miniatures by Sculptor Randall Zadar. For the keenly discriminating collector of rare limited edition miniatures. Distinguish your art collection, roombox or dollhouse by adding highly detailed and prized, foundry bronze cast miniature figurines. Zadar Miniatures are made using the traditional Lost Wax Casting Process and are completely hand-made in the USA. Most pieces are in the 1/12th dollhouse scale and some in 1/4" scale. An Exquisite Collection of Zadar Miniatures will enhance any miniature setting and bring joy to those who possess it.

Randall has twenty years experience creating a collectible line of miniature bronze figurines under one inch in height. Produced over 210 sculptures using the traditional Lost Wax Casting Process.  Most pieces are retired and increasing in value on the secondary market. Start a fun collection of miniature art today.



Cupid with Mirror

Cupid with Mirror