Joan's-Silent Auction-Estate

This was a very quick idea to make this event happen for a very good customer. We did not have the permanent space to take all her items to sell but I wanted to help her out in some way. So we have been running like crazy trying to get ready for this event. Including picking up 15 room boxes, 3 huge dollhouses, furniture, lights, and accessories. The worst is trying to make space to display everything when we are already breaking at the seams. If know Bev though...She & the crew will make it happen. The room boxes and Dollhouses will be by auction bid only. She has a start up bid and you can bid in $20 increments till Sunday, February 24th, 2019. At 5pm, we the highest bid wins. The furniture, accessories, and lights will be available for viewing only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and you can purchase first come, first buy basis.  If you can not come to Miniature Designs for this event you can call in your bid, ask questions, etc but shipping is additional.