Novalyte LEDs

NovaLyte™ LED Lighting is designed and engineered specifically for the scale model and miniature industry and is rapidly finding its way into dollhouses, roomboxes, vignettes, miniature lamps, and a host of other creative lighting applications for miniatures which were previously difficult, impractical, or just plain impossible to do with miniature light bulbs. 

NovaLyte™ LED Lighting offers several distinct advantages:

  • LESS HEAT - NovaLyte™ LED Lighting generates less heat than conventional light bulbs with the same light output .
  • LED lighting allows you to "Light Up" - not "Heat Up" - your miniature display.
  • LESS POWER - NovaLyte™ LED's convert electricity to light far more efficiently than conventional light bulbs, thus using much less power to generate the same light output.
  • LONGER LIFE - Novalyte™ LED's have a typical life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours of continuous operation.
  • DURABLE - properly mounted Novalyte™ LED's are not affected by shock or vibration.

You should never have to replace a NovaLyte™ !