Annual Garage Sale

SALE DATES:  Our Garage has been postponed until further notice.  As soon things get back to some what normal, we will look at a new dates for the garage sale.  FRIDAY, May 1st - SUNDAY, May 3rd, 2020  **PREVIEW NIGHT FOR MAINLY MINI MEMBERS ONLY April 30th, 2020!

It's time once again to celebrate SPRING at Miniature Designs. Get ready to take advantage of the great bargains during our 26th Annual Garage Dollhouse and Miniature Sale!  Yes, it's time to think about "spring cleaning of the miniature sorts." Here's your chance to join in on the selling spree....and buying too.... Like the saying goes..."one person's junk is another person's treasure!!!!" This is one of Miniature Designs' largest events!

Instructions for selling: Please read these instructions on how you can sell your items during this event. You can bring almost anything in any Dollhouse Scale. All items must be delivered between these dates to Miniature Designs Friday, April 19th from 10-6pm through Sunday, April 26th, 1-5pm.  All Items must be priced and "coded" and accompanied by an inventory sheet. We can not accept inventory items without inventory sheets or after this date. Your inventory sheets must include the code, description, quantity, and the price of the item as well as your name, address, and phone number.

Coding: All codes must start with the letter "C" and contain a total of 4 (four) letters (including the "C"), followed by a number. Most folks use their initials for the code, but that's up to you. The code tells us whose item it is, so all of your items will contain the 4 letter code. The number will identify the individual item(s). You can give the same number to like items as long as they are priced the same. Please include a description so that we can identify the item more easily! Price stickers may come off or others may have a similar item. We have inventory sheets available; you can pick one up, we can email you a sheet, or you can download it (Adobe PDF format).

Please download Page 1 HERE

Please download extra pages HERE

We are unable to price or suggest pricing for your items because of time constraints and fairness to others. There will be a 35% fee on all SOLD items to cover the cost of displaying, selling, and the accounting associated with your items at the end of the sale. The fee is only collected by Miniature Designs if the items are sold. Keep this in mind when pricing your items. Any other questions, please give us a call at 770-923-8500 or send an email to

We reserve the right to decline items that we feel are inappropriate or will not sell; space is limited, and we want the best sale possible!

We will be open "normal business hours" Friday 5/1 and Saturday 5/2 from 10am - 6pm We will be open Sunday 5/3 from NOON - 5pm. Special note for our Mainly Mini Club members: We will have preview night Thursday, April 30th, from 6pm - 9pm. You must be a club member to participate or purchase in the preview event!  If you would like to become a Miniature Designs Mini Club Member you can sign up here on line or call and we will take care of it.  In order to prepare for this event, we will close Thursday, April 30th at 4:00pm and reopen for Mainly Mini Club Member Only from 6-9pm.

Unsold items must be picked up between Wednesday, May 6th and Sunday, May 10th, 2020.  Your check will be available for pickup of items sold Wednesday, April May 6th, as well.