Gypsy Caravans

Several of our customers worked on the McQueenie Gypsy Caravan during 2011. The caravans went from boxes of parts to magnificently decorated and lighted wagons set in lush fields. Goats and chickens and dogs keep the gypsies company, and provide a bit of food as well. Fish, turtles, and frogs abound in the clean streams near the gypsy camp.  If you would like to purchase a Gypsy Caravan and start creating your own? Here is the link  Any questions you may have please do not hesitate to ask.

So, open the box and have some fun!


Here's the parts Let's go! All of the packets have separate instructions. Suggestion: do one kit at a time!

This is the start of a chicken coop!

Painting wheels, shutters and finished chicken coop! Using acrylic paints from Delta Ceramcoat.

One caravan body is taped together; one's still in the box. It's a great idea to test fit everything and tape parts together before applying glue! What kind of glue Your favorite white tacky glue, such as WeldBond.

Test fitting the bed - you can see the windows sitting in the holes. NO Glue yet!

A couple pictures of completed furniture from McQueenie (above) and test fitting furniture (below)!

Assembled wagon from McQueenie.  Note the "mollycroft" - the raised section of the roof.  This subassembly is simply glued to the roof of the wagon.  Check below for our customized mollycroft!

Here's one caravan as it developed:

The exterior of the caravan has been finished with bead-and-board siding. The trim below the window is from Unique Miniatures.

Custom added cabinet! (call us!)

Above:  sliding door between the sleeping area and the living area,  lead strips added to the wheels for realism.  In the background (and below), see the hole cut in the roof in preparation for a customized mollycroft.

The interior - lots of custom work, including hand-pegged hardwood flooring!

Under the wagon - wires are nicely camoflaged!

Look Behind the Green Caravan for another Caravan - in Pink!

Mounted and landscaped!

...and a second wagon:


Again, the exterior is finished with bead-and-board siding. The colorful spindles are by Tiny Turnings. The strip below the window and flower box is by Unique Miniatures.


Although it's hard to see, the mollycroft has been lasercut and faux stained glass windows added.

Fully landscaped with flickering lights! A hole is drilled in the base, and wires from all lights in or on the caravan are threaded through a straw-like tube, painted deep green for camouflage. Small holes are drilled beneath each wheel, and small wires (painted to match the wheels) secure the wagon to the base.

The interior of the roof:

and another wagon (in process):

Exterior lighting fixtures are Jimm Pounder.

Laser Tech trim has been cut and positioned for a more open sleeping area. The bed has been custom dressed by Wilson Santiago of Dollhouse Linens & More.

Fully furnished!

Partial Views of the landscaping:


And another one! This gal is ready for business! The doll was made in a class here at Miniature Designs - taught by Jan of Vintage Miniatures.


...and back to the interior: