Mini Tips & Tutorials

Please refer to the table of contents at the right side of this page, and check back frequently for tips from the experts! We've been building houses for over 25 years, day-in and day-out!

Brand new house? Check out "NOW WHAT" for helpful hints on where to begin!
Questions about lighting? "LIGHTING 101" may have some answers.
Not sure what kind of glue to use? Check out our "STICKY STUFF" column!
The Eight'll never know unless you read this!
Wallpapering Questions?  Start with "WALLPAPERING 101" - "WALLPAPERING 102" will be up soon!
Mitering Questions?  Check out "MITERING 101" (first - covers the basics for baseboards) and "MITERING 102" (may seem complicated, but this is one way to do your crown molding!)