Clavichord in Rosewood "Castle Collection"


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From the Ralph Partelow, Jr. Castle Collection is this a Rosewood Clavichord. Dated 8/85, this is #8 of a limited edition of 12.

The clavichord(German, 1787)-replica of one built by Spath & Schmahl in Germany 1787.  This lovely instrument is build of East India Rosewood and features a matching bench and working drawers on the case along with a matching rosewood chair.  Rosewood is very difficult to work with making this a beautiful collector's piece.  This stringed instrument known from the late Medieval through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras. Historically, it was widely used as a practice instrument and as an aid to composition, not being loud enough for larger performances.

The keys on this beautiful piece are inverted; the keys that are normally white are black, and vice versa. Includes a fine rosewood chair.

Measures 5 1/4" x 3 1/2"H (open) x 2 3/8"D

1" Scale