Blacksmith Shop

  • Made by: Fred Cobbs


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This Blacksmith Shop is Handmade and Crafted by Artisan Fred Cobbs.  3 story/room Blacksmith Shop is made of wood with a shingled roof that has copper trim.  Outside of Shop is made of wood with accent of paperclay that he has faux painted to resemble stone.  Shop sits on a wood base with a slate patio front.  Front of Shop has a fireplace that has a large bellow that fuels the fire.   The first floor of the shop has Brick flooring with a ladder that goes to the second and third floor that has wood flooring.  Shop comes with a Barrel and a large anvel on a wood slab.  Has wooded door in the front with soldered copper trim and handle.  Shop is electrified and comes with transformer.

Size:  17"L x 11"W x 23"H

1" Scale

Most of these houses can be shipped UPS/FEDEX and the rest must be truck shipped.

  • Because of the weight shipping will be billed separately from the cost of the Shop.
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