Black & White Horse Hair Basket

  • Made by: Nancy Basket


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This Basket is Handmade with Black and White Horse Hair by Artisan Nancy Basket.

Nancy Basket takes her name from the work she does and a Cherokee Grandmother.  Born in Washington State, she followed the tradition of basket makers from a native nation near her, chosing a name of one of their ancestors when they were adept enough at the skill.  After a decade of making Pine Needle baskets and miniatures, she became the name she is known by now.

In 1981 after helping form the first modern U.S. basketry Guild in Seattle, She came south to learn  and to gather Long Leaf Pine Needles her self.

Now in S.C. after years of teaching and receiving Awards for her Basket making  she has returned to make true miniature baskets from Pine Needles, Sweet Grass, Rye Straw, Horsehair and split Kudzu Vines.  Small beads and turquoise fetish centers are incorportated into her latest work.

1" Scale