Frightened Maid Vignette


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This Vignette has Silk Fabric Walls and includes a Bespaq Hand painted Display Case that is filled with Jeanetta Kendall pieces & English Pink Glass and wired with Novalytes to show off all the accessories.  Has a Framed Print and Mirror by Jim Coates, a Bespaq hand painted chair with a Frighted Maid, made by Patsy Thomas, standing on top holding a Bird Cage frightened of the mouse at the feet of the chair.  Includes a Crystal Chandelier and Sconces by Rosel. Box is wired and includes lead in wire and transformer.

Size:  11" x 9 1/2" x 11 1/2"

This Vignette is Valued at $850.00

Asking Price is $295.00

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