Barber Chair, Walnut

  • Made by: JBM Miniatures


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Barber chairs in engravings from the Civil War era share many features with modern chairs, including high seating, upholstery, and a footrest. The first factory-manufactured chairs date to around 1850.[1] The first one-piece reclining barber chair with an attached footrest was patented in 1878[2] by a company in Saint Louis. Barack Obama's bulletproof glass-encased barber chair can be seen at the Hyde Park Hair Salon in Chicago. The chair has a lever on the side which on a working chair would be used to operate the height of the chair. It would also enable the chair to rotate or lean backwards (for hair washing and shaving). The seat, headrests and leg rests are upholstered in Black leather .  The chair is available in a walnut finish.

Size:   4 1/2 inches to the top of the head rest. 4 inches when the foot rest is down and 2  1/4 inches across the arms.

1:12 Scale