Spanish Sacristy Cupboard, 15thC

  • Made by: JBM Miniatures


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The most characteristically Spanish furniture of the early periods in its history are cabinets, called "Sacristy" meaning a cabinet wich was used by the priests to strore their vestments and and any vessels used in their services.The hangings and altar linens a were also stored in these cabinets.The two door panels on this beautiful miniature repoduction are decorated with a relief carving of the king and Queen of Spain.The sides of the cabinet have been carved and the plynth decorated with the same carving as the two drawer fronts in the Friez. The door and drawer handles are faux iron rings. The top of the cabinet is decorated with a moulded cornice. A similar moulding with carved reeding has been used under the door section of the cabinet.The cabinet is supported on a banded lye shaped trestle ends supporting the table sit on ball and claw feet. A caved medallion joins the two cyma curves that form the lye shape and the faux metal iron brace acts as a spreader bar between the trestle ends.

Size:  The cabinet measues 6 inches high x 4 inches wide x 1 1/2inches deep and is available in a walnut finish.

1" Scale