Unfinished French Provencial Kitchen Set/6

  • Made by: Bespaq Miniatures


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This beautiful kitchen set is hand carved wood.  Also available in cream,walnut or mahogany. It includes six pieces, the refrigerator, kitchen island, sink section, corner cabinet, stove unit and small cabinet. The refrigerator measures 2 5/8"Wx1 3/4"Dx7 5/8"H. The kitchen island has stained glass in the top and measures 4 1/4"Lx2 1/4"Wx6 3/4"H. The sink section has gorgeous brass faucets and measures 5 3/16"Wx1 3/4"Dx7 5/8"H. The corner cabinet measures 3 3/16"Wx3 1/16"Wx7 5/8"H. The stove unit measures 5 1/8"Wx1 3/4"D7 5/8"H and the small cabinet is 2 5/8"Wx1 3/4"Dx7 5/8"H. All of the cabinets feature real micro glass.