Waynes World Run Amok


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This Room Box was Created Using iems designed by Artsan Wayne Crosby.  He made all the pieces for the table, cupboard and fireplace.  Comes with Welsh Cabinet, Turned Bowl, Table, Rolling Pin, and Fireplace Kit by Wayne Crosby.  Has 2 sets of Artwork on Walls and a Handpainted Table, Foor, Pot for Flour, and Plant.  Finishing Work was all done by Miniaturist Clarice Elder.  Has Glass Front and Side.

This Room Box is valued at $320.00, Now Only $225.00

Size:  10 1/2"W x 10 1/2"L x 11"T

Shipping Cost will be Added Separately, Cost varies on Size, Weight, and Area being shipped.  Please Call or Email for Shipping Cost.

**This Piece is a Consignment Item