Boscobel Room Box, Complete

  • Made by: Bluette Meloney


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This Boscobel Room Box was done during a Class taught by Bluette Meloney.  This Room Box is wired and includes transformer and lead in wire.  Room Box has 2 outdoor sconces, that are retailed at $74.00 a piece,  as well as 2 flouresent lights inside foyer of box.  Center of Room Box does have place to hang a Chandelier or any light of your choice, the Chandelier is not included.  Box has 1 inside faux door and 1 working door that opens up to small space with mirrored back to make it look like it has depth in the room.  Has a Sue Cook Fireplace with a Jim Coats Framed Print above fireplace as well as working fireplace with embers and logs.  Side window has faux outside floral scene.  As you walk into the foyer on either side are old antiqe finish on mirror to give an Old Venetian look.  Front foyer has tile flooring and inside has hunter green, burgundy, and tan carpet.  Inside is wallpapered as well a mural ceiling. Front of Room Box has Hard Plexi Glass that is removeable.  Outside of box is a pale yellow and has faux stone base.  A hidden access panel is found at the top of the Room Box to allow repairs or add of additional electrical work.

Size:  16 3/4"W x 14" D x 19"H

1:12 Scale

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