Chateau Ville De Parius

  • Made by: Fred Cobbs


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This Chateau Ville De Parius Room Box is handmade by Artisan Fred Cobbs.  Room Box is 2 story and is electrified and includes lights and transformer.  Box has faux brown leather outside and front and inside has detailed stonework. Bottom level has wooden double doors that open up to the Wine making cellar. Has wooden floors and wooden side door.  Has stonework walls on 2 sides and wooded plank on 3rd wall.  Comes with all the wine making accessories that are each handmade by Artisan, including large Vat on back wall.  Top level is the wine and dine area.  Walls are painted a green with grape vines.  Comes with all the furniture and accessories, also all made by Artisan.  Top level has glass soldered metal double doors and wood flooring.  Top level also has a wine bar with wooden kegs.


Size:  19" T x 12 1/2"L x 10 1/2"D

1:12 Scale

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**This Piece is a Consignment Item