Tab Lights

  • Made by: Novalyte


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LED Tab lights from Novalyte are designed for use with regular 12 volt dollhouse lighting systems.  Tab lights are great for use where space is limited (i.e., under cabinets  in your kitchen, inside the stove, oven hood, or refrigerator, inside display cabinets, etc.  Tab lights are available in both "warm" white (typical indoor incandescent lighting) and "bright" white (simulates daylight/flourescent lighting).  

Tab lights are also available as either "top fire" or "side fire" to make it easier for the light from the LED to shine where you want it - while making installation as easy as possible!  

  • Top fire:  the light shines downward; mount by gluing the back of the unit to a horizontal surface, and the light shines down...this is the same orientation as the LEDs in strip and can lights.
  • Side fire:  the light shines from the side of the unit; mount on a vertical surface and the light will shine downward (or upward)

12 Volts @ 35ma max
¼” x 3/16” x 1/8”