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1/2" Scale Changing Table, White

1/2" Scale Changing Table, White

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This is a charming HALF INCH SCALE wooden white changing table. The piece has a back rail and two sloped side rails on the top, two recessed panel drawers across the front, a cupboard with an "X" embellished door front on the left and two open shelves on the right. The drawers and door are working and have matching round wood knobs. The piece comes with a removable cushion. Sorry, the baskets pictured are no longer available. This chest is perfect in the nursery as a changing table, but remove the cushion, add a bar set, plant or other accessory and its the perfect piece for the dining room or living room.

Size: Changing Table: Width: 1-11/16" Height: 1-5/8" Depth: 3/4"

1:24 Scale

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