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1/2" Scale Walnut & Cherry Mini Parquet

1/2" Scale Walnut & Cherry Mini Parquet

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Walnut & Cherry Mini Parquet, This parquet flooring is an exquisite traditional 5-board parquet as a compliment to our fine strip wood flooring. This flooring measures at 1/16" thick x 1/2" square, a package covers 36 sq. in. This mini parquet is a combination of Walnut and Cherry to create this beautiful striped variety of our parquet.

Since these are real woods, they can also be stained to darken woods. Also it is recommended that you use a non-water base glues such as quick grip or omni stick which we carry so that your floors do not warp. A couple coats of Polyurethane gives you a nice clear finish coat. We recommend "Minwax" fast drying polyurethane in either gloss, semi-gloss, or matte.

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