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Ashley Green Chk Sofa w/ Pillow

Ashley Green Chk Sofa w/ Pillow

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This is a charming upholstered sofa that easily coordinates with a variety of styles including country, traditional or contemporary and works in both casual and formal settings. The fabric isa green and white check cotton.The sofa has one long seat cushion, a simple skirted bottom with corner pleats, rolled arms and a gently rounded back. Two coordinated throw pillows are included and both the sofa and pillows are beautifully finished with matching trim. The feet are wood. A matching chair is available, A151.

Sofa: Length: 6", Height: 3-1/4", Depth: 2-3/4"

Pillows: Length: 1-1/2" Width: 1-1/4" Thickness: 1/2"

1:12 Scale

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