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Common Brick Sheet/Mesh Back

Common Brick Sheet/Mesh Back

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This is real masonry red brick that is attached to a mesh back. The mesh back helps you to keep the brick spaced correctly and helps with cutting to fit to the item you are bricking. The brick can be glue down with omni stick or quick grip. You can also cut the brick with a hand tile cutter. We do carry these products at an additional cost. Installing the brick is easy: First cut and install brick to area Then brush brick with a clear matte sealer this way the mortor will not penetrate the brick. Spread mortor in the brick spacing pushing the mortor all the way in the crevices. Scrape and wipe off extra mortor clean A new brick look wipe clean and an old brick look leave some mortor residue behind. Note: as with "real" brick, brick color may vary from lot-to-lot. We cannot guarantee colors!

Size: 11 1/2" x 6" : Covers about 72 square inches

1:12 Scale

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