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Spanish Dining Table, Walnut

Spanish Dining Table, Walnut

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Spanish furniture was much heavier than Italian or French and during the 17th Century trestle supports were used more than legs on benches and stools. Often they would have iron braces to strengthen the item and for decorative purposes. This exquisite table has a rectangular top with a hand carved banding abound all sides. The apron is decorated with a floral design carving and in each corner a small carved bracket has been incorporated under the table top. The tall banded lye shaped trestle ends supporting the table sit on ball and claw feet. A caved medallion joins the two cyma curves that form the lye shape and the faux metal iron brace acts as a spreader bar between the trestle ends. Comes in a Walnut finish.

Size: 2 1/2 inches high x 6 long x inches long x 3 3/8 inches wide

1:12 Scale

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